Top 10 Signs that You May Be a “Twitterhead”

Twitter has been around awhile, but I’ve only recently taken time away from tea to start “tweeting” (posting little items 140 characters or less about “stuff”). My concern is getting so caught up in “Twitterland” that I have to create a Rube Goldberg-esque device to brew my tea, pour it into a cup, add whatever (milk, honey, etc.) to it, and deliver it to me at my PC. Thus, I have been watchful for signs that I’m becoming a “Twitterhead” (someone so dedicated to “tweeting,” so concerned about missing a “tweet,” that he/she stays continually at the computer).

So far, I’ve come up with 10 sure signs and pass them on to you to help you avoid such a fate.

If you do any of these, beware:
Sign 1: Instead of snoring, you tweet.
Sign 2: You tweet while shaving or brushing your teeth.
Sign 3: You tweet about shaving or brushing your teeth.
Sign 4: Instead of saying “Call me,” you say “Tweet me.”
Sign 5: You send a Twitter direct message to your best friend while walking down the street together.
Sign 6: Your friend sends a Twitter direct message back, and you think this is normal.
Sign 7: You tweet your proposal on your iPhone to your sweetheart’s iPhone while kneeling before her, and you both think this is normal.
Sign 8: You dream in 140 characters.
Sign 9: Your autobiography is the first few words of a sentence followed by “…” and a shortened link to the rest of the text.
Sign 10: You keep a pad and pen by your bedside in case you think of a tweet while sleeping.
Watch for the signs! Meanwhile, I’m off to have some tea before my eyes get into a permanent crossed condition. Tweet you later!

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