Exploring a Tea Company in Boston

As one who lives the “tea life,” where tea isn’t just a beverage but a way of life, I consider Boston pretty important in the world of tea. You’ve all heard about the Boston Tea Party, where colonists dressed up as American Indians, slipped aboard a ship anchored in the harbor, and tossed boxes of tea overboard. It was a protest against the actions of King George of England. He imposed one restriction, tax, or other annoyance after another on them. The tax on tea was the line in the sand, a sign that the colonists needed to act.

That historic event is one reason that Boston is a real tea town. The another reason is the Boston Tea Company, which focuses on bringing great tea to its customers, not wasting it in harbor water. In fact, the company started in 1773 when they salvaged some of that “protest tea” out of the brink (very enterprising of them). Since then, they have been carrying on the tradition of producing fine teas (over 2 centuries now).

You’ll see the name “Bentley’s Finest Teas” on some of their products. It’s a line of English-inspired teas, estate-grown and harvested in India, Sri Lanka (formerly Ceylon), and China using the traditional English manner. These teas are found in top retailers as well as gourmet shops. I’ll be trying one of the white teas.

The size of the samples they sent are more than ample for a good tasting, but the clear plastic bags aren’t ideal for storing tea. I’ll have to keep the teas in a box out of the light, which can degrade them. (Your teas should be stored in cool, dry places in containers that block out light and air. Also, keep them away from strong smelling substances such as cleaners and spices.) [Note: The vendor informed me that these aren’t their normal pouches. They use ones that block out light so your teas are protected.]


The Boston Tea Company’s site is full of great features, including a bunch of recipes, from iced teas to soups to entrees to desserts, and a tea info section called Tea 101.

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