Checking Out Some Teas from Another Small Tea Vendor

“Quality Tea, Laid Back People…and Silly Humor!” — that’s the motto of this small tea vendor, according to the sheet that came with the tea samples. It’s an attitude toward tea that I can really get into. Hubby and I are definitely laid back, enjoy quality tea, and have some of the silliest humor around. So, when the company owner offered to send samples, who was I to refuse? Of course, I accepted.

The owner states on his Website that he “didn’t learn how to drink tea like a normal person.” By that, he seems to mean that he didn’t learn how to drink tea like most people in the U.S. did, i.e., teabags full of dust dunked in barely hot water or powdered tea in a jar to make “instant” iced tea. (What constitutes a “normal person” is still a matter of debate among psychiatrists around the world and certainly in my household.) In any event, he learned a thing or two about tea that most of us in the U.S. don’t know.

His big tea adventure began after college when he moved to Taichung City, Taiwan. From walk-ups serving bubble tea or green and oolong teas with lemon, to cruising the tea plantations surrounding the city, he learned quickly and brings this knowledge to his tea company (based in Chicago). Yet, he keeps things simple and fun for his customers.

Along with all this simplicity and fun, this vendor emphasizes the same approach to tea that I do. Use loose, full leaf teas whenever possible and let them expand in the water. Save the teabags for making some Southern-style sweet tea or to serve to unwanted guests. (There are a couple of teas for which I make an exception.) Let the tea taste come through without a lot of sugar (I use an artificial sweetener that keeps both my doctor and the dentist happy). Focus on a few exceptional teas as opposed to carrying a big chunk of the hundreds out there. It all sounds good to me.

Bottom line, they know that “a well-informed customer is a happy customer.” To that end, their site includes a bunch of tea info written in a very straightforward manner. From what types of tea there are, to the facts about caffeine, to tea terms, to brewing tips, you’ll be comfortable with tea in no time just by reading the site (which recently underwent a major redesign).


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