TeaGschwendner Redux

A couple of months have passed since hubby and I visited the TeaGschwendner shop in Raleigh, NC. The draw of that little tea shop (with the BIG tea selections) was so alluring that we had to schedule a second visit. We haven’t even tasted all of the teas we purchased on that first visit. Nevertheless, we couldn’t resist getting a few more.

While there, we chatted with owner Ryan Hinson. He is a true tea devoté and has some exciting plans for the store. I wish we lived closer, but then we’d probably spend all our time (and money) there. So, it’s likely best that we live some distance away.

One of the teas ready to sample was Diplomat’s Tea (Formosa Oolong/Darjeeling blend). Hubby and I tried some and then got a cupful to take with us. We also bought some of the dry tea to take home, and three other teas that smell heavenly (including more Bossa Nova).

As soon as we got home, the Little Yellow Teapot started bugging us about what was in the bag. He wouldn’t rest until we’d showed him. He seems very pleased by our purchases.

We are, too.


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