Comparing Two Chocolate Rooibos Infusions

This was written at the request of Madam Potts of Mad Potts of Tea, who then refused to post it. I think she was hoping we would actually LIKE these samples she sent. Whatever the reason, we wanted to give you a chance to see this. However, Little Yellow Teapot doesn’t want any more Rooibos reviews on his site. He’s says there are too many there now.

== O R I G I N A L P O S T ==

Subject A: Haute Chocolate Rooibos from Teavana.
Subject B: Mint Chocolate Rooibos from Leaf Spa.

Rating Overall for Both:
My humans have pretty much given up on trying Rooibos, but when Madam Potts sent these samples, my humans agreed to give it one more try, well, actually, only one of them did. The fact that they had chocolate in them was an inducement. However, the wifey human is allergic to mint and couldn’t even stand the smell when they opened the package. So during the review, she just took the photos, made sure there were lots of fans running, and made funny faces whenever a whiff would go her way, which this little teapot found amusing. Hee! The hubby human bravely soldiered on with the comparison.

As you can see from the photo, in dry form both test subjects look about the same. If you could smell them, though, you would get a big difference. Subject A smelled mainly of Rooibos with a subdued chocolate aroma. Even the wifey human liked it. Subject B, though, was dominated by the chocolate and mint smells, with little or no Rooibos smell.

The preparation process:

Subject A: Boiled 1½ cups of water, poured into a measuring cup with 2 tsps of the mix, steeped 6 mins, strained into mug.

Subject B: Boiled 1½ cups of water and let cool slightly, poured into a measuring cup with 2 tsps of the mix, steeped 3 mins, strained into mug.

The resulting liquid of each looked quite different. Subject A was dark brown. Subject B was lighter, sort of like an Oolong but with a definitely minty aroma. The wifey human kept her distance from it. Hubby tasted A and thought it had a typical Rooibos (woody) taste and no chocolate flavor. He did detect a slight peppery “kick” to the taste. Then, he added a little milk and was pleased at the pleasant, not overly spicy, chai-like flavor. I heard him say, “This one has possibilities.” On to B. Hubby took a sip or two and noted the strong mint flavor with only faint Rooibos and chocolate flavors. One thing he didn’t like was how long the mint taste lingered. This one definitely did NOT have possibilities.

All in all, they both welcomed another tasting adventure but are quite definite that this will be their absolute last Rooibos experience.

By the way, anyone who thinks that the kitty mug is cuter than me, to you I can say only one thing: “Hmph!”

Happy tea tastings!

Disclaimer: This tea was provided by the company named. However, the rating of the tea and any opinions concerning it are always strictly objective.


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