A Fall “Yank” Teatime, Part I

Awhile back, my buddy Little Yellow Teapot “went Brit” on me. First, he “joined” in with Smitten by Britain on her trip to Bath, England. Then, he helped me put together a Yank’s Cream Tea. Now, he has me busy prepping a special Fall “Yank” Teatime. No idea where this will all end.

What started this latest adventure was the purchase of a pie pumpkin. They’re the kind that are a little smaller in size and are used to make that wonderful filling in pumpkin pies. Last year, hubby made two pies out of only one of these little gems (I say “little,” but as you can see, it’s bigger than Little Yellow Teapot).

The next step was to get some appropriate treats, especially since the pumpkin wouldn’t be made into pies right away (he would be an honored guest at our Fall “Yank” Teatime for now). We bought a package of Sticky Fingers pumpkin spice scone mix and a 5.6 oz. jar of Somerdale Double Devon Cream.

We have some Devonshire Tea left, perfect to go with our treats. One of the great things about this tea, in our estimation at least, is that it’s equally great straight or with a bit of milk and sugar (my preference).

The kettle is on and the teapot is warmed. The table is set, with our pumpkin friend and Little Yellow Teapot in their places. Now, I need someone to bake the scones for me (you thought I cooked?).

Oh, hubby dearest!

Part II will show how this all works out (and if my marriage survives).


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