Thunderbolt Tea — Living Up to Its Name

The Darjeeling region of India is known as “The Land of the Thunderbolt.” This tea company that proudly bears the name “Thunderbolt Tea” is totally dedicated to the tea growers of the region and to making sure that “imposter teas” don’t drag down the reputation of those genuine teas.
Your guide to this tea company and the teas it represents is a friendly fellow named Benoy Thapa. As a native of the area, he knows the product and the people, very comforting to many of us who like to know where our teas are coming from.

We recently received a second round of tea samples to try out and post on Little Yellow Teapot Tea Reviews. The first batch (reviews posted in the second half of March 2010) was excellent and has truly spoiled us for other Darjeeling teas. We want to remain objective but can’t help having high expectations for these teas that are harvested and processed mainly by hand (accounting for their generally higher cost than machine harvested and processed teas).

The company Website has health info on it that is actually supported by studies. Bravo! There are far too many health claims being made about tea these days with virtually nothing to back them up.

You will also find lots of beautiful photos of the various tea gardens that were selected by Thunderbolt Tea out of the approximately 86 gardens in the area as of high enough quality to be represented by this company. And don’t miss Benoy’s blog, He doesn’t post too frequently, but when he does, the posts are full of great photos and information, such as a tea tasting at Goomtee Factory.

The Tasting Guide from the reviews posted last March of the 2009 samples.


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