Yummy Plain Scone Mix

The Canadians are coming…to a scone mix near you! Hubby and I tried the second of three Cobblestone Kitchens (a Canadian company) scones mixes. The first was the Blueberry-Cranberry Scone Mix, just right for the Winter Holiday Season (Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s). This one is the plain mix that you can top as you like.

We began by pulling the plastic bag containing the mix out of the diamond-shaped box. (The box is a bit oversized, actually. The bag only fills up about half of the box.) You need a bit of milk and vegetable oil to add to the dry mix.

The mix, oil, and milk stir up easily and quickly form a sticky glob in the bowl.

Once again, hubby and I used our drop method for the scones and once again got only 8 scones, what we expected based on the weight of the dry mix (7.5 oz.). However, we’re into quality versus quantity, so this was no problem. If you want to feed a hungry horde and each of them consumes 4 or 5 scones each, you’ll need to fix several packages of this mix.

The black tea we chose to have with our scones this time was Pumpkin Spice from The Boston Tea Company, which we had reviewed a little while ago. Our buddy, Little Yellow Teapot, did the steeping honors of course. Since these were plain scones, we got some orange marmalade and seedless blackberry preserves ready, along with one of those tiny jars of Devon Clotted Cream.

The scones were, as our previous experience went, definitely the star of the show, lightly browned and crisp on the outside, fluffy on the inside. They tasted so good plain that we almost ate them without the toppings — almost!

The bottom line: these scones are also so scrumptious that they made both hubby and me very happy.


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