Trying a BIG Steeping Glass

I happened to remark on Twitter a few days ago that the travel mug design was not something I could recommend. My main reason: It looked too small. After all, it’s meant for traveling. That means road trips, morning commutes, etc. The morning commute, though, could be fraught with such hazards as road construction that necessitates a detour and adds 15-20 minutes to your travel time or a major accident on the road ahead of you where you end up having to sit for 30-60 minutes while the poor victims are taken away by the EMS crew and the vehicles involved are moved out of the way. (Both have happened to me a number of times.)

Well, as a result of this remark, which I still stand by, they informed me that they now have a larger mug available. It arrived a day or two ago and is awaiting the ultimate commuter test. Fortunately, despite being shipped in a padded envelope instead of a shipping box, the mug (made of poly and glass) survived the wilds of the U.S. Postal Service.

I think this mug just passed phase one of the test.


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