Getting Artistic with Indie Tea

Las Vegas is known for its casinos, nightclub shows with big-name entertainers, and, of course, the TV show “CSI” (the original version which takes place in this wonder in the desert). Thanks to Carolyn and Mike Johnson, and their daughter, Rachael Wilson, this city also now boasts one of the most artistic and unique small tea vendors around.

The business launched in April, 2009, as a natural extension of their passion for art, entertaining, cooking, and devising their own recipes. Like some of their competitors, the blends are all their own creations, which came about after attending a World Tea Expo and then diving into the business of tea. Carolyn also is ready to show others how to enjoy these blends of tea and other ingredients or even to create their own (she was at the Gaia Flowers holiday gift-making workshop recently, showing attendees how to blend the perfect tea cocktail for the holidays).
Indie Teas has a good marketing plan, keeping their attention on tea drinkers who like a little something artistic in their teacup. A good idea. One thing that is important for a company of their size is to focus on that part of the market that they can address well, instead of trying to compete with the bigger players like Kusmi, Adagio, and TeaGschwendner. Too many businesses start out trying to be all to everyone. Like several others, Indie Tea is in a niche in the tea market: exotically flavored teas. As long as they can present a product that is appealing and worth the price to their customers, they will do well.
Considering that hubby and I are generally steering clear of flavored teas (which all of Indie Tea teas are) and that we also are not too keen on organic stuff (the idea of cow manure in my food makes me shudder, plus, there was an outbreak awhile back of e-coli from organically grown spinach), you might be asking: “So, why are you reviewing some of their teas?” Simple. They take an artistic approach to tea, and both hubby and I are artists. We also did our best to select from their line-up those blends with the fewest additions and with flavors that we know we like. Plus, one of the samples is a straight tea. However it goes, we are always objective and will give these blends a fair taste test.
Their samples came in the cutest clear plastic tubes. However, for long-term storage, we recommend that you put the teas into airtight, light-blocking containers, since these tubes are neither.

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