Rocky Mountain High Tea Time

Denver, Colorado, is nicknamed “The Mile High City.” It sits on the eastern side of the Rocky Mountains. Pioneers traveling westward for a new start at life reached that point and some decided to stay rather than continue on through the mountains. The city is now home to businesses large and small. One of the smallest (so far) is Element Tea, but if their Website is any indication, their potential for growth is indubitable.

For one thing, they offer a number of premium teas, not a bunch of teas loaded up with fruits, spices, herbs, etc. (some “loaded” teas can be tasty and others not so much so). For another, they’ve actually taken time to learn about tea, what it is, how it’s processed. They have one of the best-designed online tea stores, easy to navigate, steeping instructions, clear descriptions of the teas, even estimations of how many cups of tea you can expect to get out of the amount of tea you’re purchasing (so you can see that these teas aren’t as expensive as you might think — the cost per cupful is far less than a grande tea at places like Starbucks).

They offer some organics but, thankfully, also plenty of regular items.

Element Tea started in April 2009, and the Website was launched in October 2009. That seems to have been a busy time for tea-minded entrepreneurs. (Indie Tea started about the same time, and I started this blog in August 2009.)

Rachael Hoffman and Julia Suiter team to bring some wonderful teas to you, along with some great teawares. I can’t tell you what kind of background each has in tea (other than what is on their site’s “About Us” page), but somewhere along the line they learned what they needed to know to offer such teas as Dragon Well Green, Black Silk, and Assam Satrupa FTGFOP1 in loose form (some bagged teas also available).

One disappointment is that they call Rooibos and herbals by the term “tea,” adding to the confusion that reigns right now in the tea market. Also, like many tea vendor sites, Element Tea touts health benefits without linking to clinical studies, so take these with a big, fat grain of salt (or, better yet, not at all).

Hubby and I will be exploring the samples they sent with great interest and invite you along for the journey.

Their site:


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