Get Liberated with This Steeping Glass

Are you tied to teabags? Get liberated with LibreTea and their steeping mugs. I’ve done three experiments with my mug so far (such fun!) and will be doing some more in the months ahead.

Wendy Weir, CEO and company founder, users her marketing prowess to get the word out to tea drinkers everywhere. Inspired by her observations during a trip to China, Weir returned to Canada and set about establishing the company and promoting it.

The product has been mentioned in press releases and news items. The Website touted the mug as a revolution in enjoying loose leaf teas. Namasthé Teas featured it at the Yoga Conference in Vancouver, Canada, in 2009 (that year keeps coming up as one where great tea ventures were started, including my blog). Stories about the company and this unique steeping product appeared about the same time in both the Toronto Star and the Calgary Herald. It seems that whenever anyone gets their hands on one, they start crowing in praise. Moms in both Canada and the U.S. are discovering the joys of taking tasty teas with them in theirs. Also, Wendy spends time on Facebook, Twitter, and her blog making sure you get to know about this liberating mug.

The company really stresses the environmental aspects of their mugs. I want to stress the practical aspects. (I’m just the practical type.) The mug is reusable, saving you money. The mug is clear so you can see what is steeping. The larger mug (which is the one I have) holds enough tea to get you at least from home to the work place. Refill it there and get through even the longest and most boring meeting.

The design is practical. The glass interior surrounded by an insulating poly exterior is quite a nice touch. Glass is always very practical for cleaning and for keeping tastes true. My sensitive tastebuds tend to pick up the flavor imparted by plastics, metals, and similar materials (one reason I don’t like teabags). Ceramics and glass tend to avoid this. Both can conduct heat fairly well, though, so there needs to be a way to keep them cool to the touch. Ceramic mugs have handles. This LibreTea mug has a poly exterior. Of course, they have a new mug design with a handle, which helps keep the heat away from your fingers even more.

A disappointment is that LibreTea offers only one loose tea to steep in their stylish and practical mugs. For now, they seem to be partnering with places that carry teas. Maybe that will be changing in the future (hint hint!).

White tea test
Black tea test
Blooming tea test


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