Tea and the Movies — “The Assam Garden” with Deborah Kerr

First, I want to say that I have not seen The Assam Garden. The name sounded so intriguing that I had to look it up, plus I’m a fan of Deborah Kerr (pronounced “Car”).

Sadly, unlike the novel Dark Road to Darjeeling, the action does not take place in a tea garden, despite the movie’s title. In fact, the garden does not grow tea. It’s a typical British garden, and Helen (played by Kerr) is trying to win a prestigious gardening award in memory of her late husband.

Let me back up a moment: The story is about a widow who had lived in India in the Assam area with her husband until he died. Then, she returned to Britain to tend her husband’s garden and try to win an award. She gets to know her neighbors (a woman and her ailing husband), who are also from India (natives). A relationship develops between the two women who both miss India. (Beware, though, I hear there is quite a bit of intense gardening action.)

One thing the synopsis makes me think of is what it’s like to live in another country for years and then to leave it behind. I can relate. I still miss some things from my few years spent in Europe. One of those things is a good British tearoom with lace curtains on the windows and a genteel atmosphere for enjoying a rich-tasting pot of tea with fresh, tasty treats.

Hubby and I do our best to recreate that atmosphere here, but our accents aren’t British. Other than that, we do pretty good.

Some of our favorite British tearoom style teas:

  • Devonshire Tea (relatively new but very nice)
  • PG Tips (been around quite awhile and the taste tells you why)
  • Typhoo (the name means “health” and the flavor is brisk)
  • Barry’s Gold Blend (rich and caramelly, Ireland’s fave)

Maybe we’ll find a copy of the movie on DVD and watch it while sipping one of the above teas. But how to choose which tea? Hm…eenie meenie minie moe…


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