Perusing an Interesting Tea

There seems to be a strong connection between Web technology and tea. I started as a Web Designer who turned to blogging about tea, and several tea vendors I’ve written about here have combined their Web tech skills with selling tea online. Another one is Persimmon Tree Tea.

Melanie Etemadi, the company’s CEO, has expanded on her career as Project Manager at and as mom to one of the cutest chubby-cheeked babies on Facebook to bring a variety of teas and teawares to customers across the globe.

The Persimmon Tree Tea Website is attractive and easy to navigate. The color scheme is a study in drab, though. I think this is meant to imitate tea colors, having seen a couple of other tea sites with similar schemes. So, I photographed one of the tins their samples came in against my sleek, modern black granite kitchen countertop. Makes that simple little tin look pretty snazzy.
The “About Us” page is part of a growing trend I’m seeing where the people running the company are hidden from consumers. One tea vendor said this was because he has a Facebook page. In Etemadi’s case, her Facebook page doesn’t tell anything about what she knows about tea. Where does she get the teas? Where did she learn about tea? Etc.

Not picking on her or the company here. Most small tea vendors out there are the same way.

Is it just me? Or do you also think it’s important to know about the people who are selling the tea you buy? I’ve looked into the people behind the processors of foods in the grocery store (gee, maybe it is me) and other consumables like toothpaste.

Whatever the story is, based on the teas I saw on the site, Etemadi is on the right track. Loose teas, plenty of them without a bunch of stuff added in to mask their tea flavor, such as Classic Black and Silver Needle, plus a variety of flavored teas. Not to get ahead of myself, but I am anticipating some tasty tea tastings. Watch for them on my companion blog, Little Yellow Teapot Tea Reviews.

Sadly, this is another in a long line of tea companies that touts health benefits of tea without any references. It might be due to the US FDA mandate against tea companies showing these references. Not sure. Whatever the reason, it’s disheartening to see. Having heard recently that the claims made for years about how we should all eat 5 servings of fruits and vegetables per day was instigated by processors of fruits and vegetables, I don’t take anyone’s word anymore.

By the way, the company gets a silver star for the packaging of their samples. The tins (about half the size of normal ones) successfully block light, air, and moisture. As the tea in them gets used, however, air will be trapped in them and affect the tea. Some of the packing material (it’s some kind of “confetti” possibly made of wood) has an odd smell to it. I’m going to remain hopeful that this smell did not seep into the tins.

Their Website:


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