Steeping Smackdown: Steeping Glass vs. Little Yellow Teapot

Ever since that LibreTea steeping mug arrived, hubby and I have had to soothe the bruised ego of Little Yellow Teapot. “There, there,” we’d have to say almost daily, “you are not being replaced. And you steep much better than any steeping mug on the market.” Of course, we both had our fingers crossed behind our backs.

Well, the time has finally come to put this whole thing to rest. Time to go head-to-head: teapot to steeping mug. The WWF would be proud. This was a real smackdown!

First, the tea used in this test:

Second, I want to make clear that this is not a review of the tea. That is on the other blog. This is strictly comparing which steeping vessel did the better job.

Third, the methodology — heat water to 160˚ F, put dry tea in body of steeping mug (a full packet), put dry tea into the Little Yellow Teapot (a full packet), add water to both, set timer for 90 seconds, hum the music from Jeopardy! that’s played while contestants are deep in thought to answer that final toughie question.

The results:

  • The LibreTea steeping mug put on quite a show, so it scores a point for visual appeal. 
  • The Little Yellow Teapot sat there beaming its bright sun-like yellowness and adding its cheeriness to the room, so it gets a point here, too.
  • As for volume, Little Yellow Teapot comes out a bit ahead (about 2 ounces).
  • For usability, they tied, since both need to have the steeped tea strained out into another vessel so that the tea doesn’t oversteep.
  • As for the tea, it deserves a mention here since, after all, steeping tea is sort of the point; the LibreTea mug steeped up a slightly stronger tasting brew, but both were tasty.

Well, folks, I think we have a TIE here! And, no, hubby and I are not being cowardly. We know that Little Yellow Teapot will steep up tea, even though he’s upset, and that the tea will be fine, won’t it, Little Yellow? Uh, Little Yellow? Oh, gee, now he’s not speaking to us. Sigh! Back to our placations. “There, there, Little Teapot, you are always the best!” This could take awhile. Meantime, hubby and I need more tea.

By the way, for those of you who don’t have a little teapot to worry about offending, and if you think one of these mugs would be good for you, click on my affiliate link in the right-hand column of the page to order. I could get a penny or two. Thanks!


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