A Sneaky Tea Steeping Mug

Ever since the LibreTea steeping mug arrived, that Little Yellow Teapot has been a bit miffed, you might even say downright jealous. In fact, each time that hubby and I did a test in the mug (once with a white tea, once with a black tea, and a third test with a blooming tea), that little teapot went “Hmph!” in a very disgusted tone. Finally, he and the steeping mug had a real smackdown, with each steeping up some of the same tea and us deciding which steeping method produced the best taste.
With such a history of animosity from that little teapot towards this newest member of our tea steeping arsenal, I was naturally skeptical when he started complaining that the steeping mug was taking his “#1 Teapot Award” (actually, a tea-dyed headband from CrafTEA Designs, formerly Tea Dyed Tees) in the dark of night and wearing it. He was quite insistent, though. What to do?
At first, we tried staying up all night to see if we could witness the action for ourselves. Alas, gulping several cuppas some very caffeine-laden teas was not enough to keep us from dozing off. Dang!
After the third try, hubby and I decided on a more high-tech tactic: the Sneaky-cam 1000, which was actually just a camera set with a motion detector. (Thank goodness we don’t have a cat or who knows what photos we would have seen each morning when we checked the camera.)
For about a week, nothing showed up. We began to suspect that the steeping mug knew there was a hidden camera and was behaving himself. Or maybe Little Yellow Teapot was just letting his jealousy get the better of him. We had almost decided to remove the camera when — voilà! — we had the proof. As soon as that little teapot had turned its back, the steeping mug had removed the award/headband and was wearing it himself. How rude!
Of course, now Little Yellow Teapot is going around with a smug “I told you so!” expression, and I swear that the tea he’s been steeping is a bit more astringent than usual. Probably a bit of payback for us doubting him. Sigh!

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