Hanging Out with Some Tasty Tea

Sometimes it starts with an exchange of tweets on Twitter. Sometimes with an email in my Inbox. Whatever the case, it can be the start of a horror show or a grand tea adventure. In the case of Hampstead Tea, I’m thinking the latter.

Recently, several tea samples arrived and are patiently waiting their turn to be reviewed. Meanwhile, I took a look at who the folks at Hampstead Tea are.

Let’s start with the founder of the company: Kiran Tawadey. Her goal in starting a tea company wasn’t tea. It was to engage in promoting various trendy ideas going around now. I’m not going into them here. They’re too distressing. Suffice it to say that most of their teas come from the Makaibari tea estate in the Darjeeling region of India.

So much for who is Hampstead Tea. Now, for the “what.”

Their teas cover quite a range, including some Assams and green teas whose origins aren’t specified. They have flavored and unflavored teas, tea blends, and straight Darjeeling. They also call herbal infusions “teas” and make unsubstantiated health claims on their About Us page. Also, despite the claim on their site that their teas are not dust in bags, they seem to carry a lot of bagged teas. Hm…

We shall be trying the samples on their own merits, not as a way to promote Ms. Tawadey’s various causes. We embrace free choice, so she is entitled to follow whatever trends she wants.


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