Tea and the Robin’s Nest

Birdies are great critters to learn from and are a constant source of entertainment, especially when observed through my kitchen window while I sip a fresh cuppa tea! Our kitchen window has a great view of the rose trellis put up against the side of the house perpendicular to our kitchen wall (the one with the window in it). We get to watch the roses bloom and various comings and goings of various critters who can brave the thorny rose canes.

One day, hubby noticed a nest being built and called me over to the window for a look. Sure enough a robin was flying up to the trellis with twigs and other materials used in nest-building. Over the next few days the nest was built and Mama Robin ensconced on her new home.

Now it seems that the eggs have hatched since she spends more time off the nest and sits on its edge when she returns. Sadly, the nest is up too high for us to see in it, but we were able to take this shot:

Not the neatest nest in the world, but that is a fairly tricky nesting spot.

We’ll continue watching and sipping our tea to see what new developments take place!


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