My Lovely New Mother’s Day Tea Mug

Mother’s Day is May 8th. Be sure to get something lovely for yours!

No, I’m not a mother, but even those of us who are not of that class of honored women can enjoy the lovely items that fill store shelves this time of year. Having a strong interest in tea, I was naturally attracted when, at the local Barnes and Noble, helpful salesperson Caroline showed me a display of some gorgeous tea items just for moms, all in a matching butterfly design.

There was a nice tea-for-one set so moms could have a private cuppa tea when the day’s activities had come to a bit of a lull. There was a set of fragrant soaps, not overpowering florals as I had expected, but lovely fruity aromas, perfect for a teatime in the tub. The best item was a lidded tea mug with a generously proportioned stainless steel infuser basket and a lovely box holding it all. The item had immediate appeal to my inner tea lover and soon came home with me, even though my strong preference is to steep my teas loose in a teapot and then strain into my cup (meaning that the infuser basket seemed a bit unneeded, but you never know, it may show up in a later article here).

Once home, I immediately took the mug, lid and infuser basket out of the sturdy matching box and cleaned them lightly. They were then ready for great tea adventures to come, with the mug lid keeping the heat in and thus serving both to help the tea steep and maintain its warmth after steeping between sips. All in all, a most lovely and worthwhile purchase!

© 2011 A.C. Cargill photos and text


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