Book Review: “The Girl Who Disappeared Twice” by Andrea Kane

My latest entry in the book review arena is The Girl Who Disappeared Twice by Andrea Kane. Tea and a good book is always a nice way to pass the time. This one is a fairly quick read, but as for being good, well…

Murder mysteries and thrillers are my favorite type of literature. After that, it’s the classics like Victor Hugo and Jane Austen. A bit of science fiction for some spice is great, too. This book, combining mystery, thrills, a bit of techo hijinks and a dash of “adult activity” thrown in, seemed like a good one to read and review.

Oh well, you can’t win them all!

Contrary to my expectations, the book fell short of being mysterious, and the ending was apparent by page 68 (the paperback version sent to me was 389 pages long). The author did a mashing together of science and mysticism, apparent by the name of the investigation firm central to the plot: “Forensic Instincts.” Forensics is a science. Instinct is mystical. What people call instinct is actually your brain integrating knowledge and experience. She extends this further by having a character who is a clairvoyant alongside a character who is very scientific. The clairvoyant parts are downright silly. Generally, clairvoyants are most accurate when authors write them that way, at least according to my hubby. And I totally concur.

The “adult activity” (sexual) parts seem thrown in just for the heck of it (sort of like romance author Nora Roberts when she is writing her scifi fiction under the name “J.D. Robb”), with one of them being at a most inopportune moment when the team is desperately seeking a missing child. Two of the lead characters take time take out from the search to have a 2-hour sex romp. There is also the standard bickering between them about following the rules or getting done the job of finding the child. Yawn!

Overall, I found the novel predictable and cliché. There is also an epilogue that seems to have only one purpose: to set the stage for sequels.

No problem, though. The tea was excellent (as always!) and made up for the lack of flavor in the novel.


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