Cake Pops Summer Sensation

Someone posted a photo on either Twitter or Facebook showing this newfangled treat she had purchased from a local Starbucks. It was called a “Cake Pop.” Immediately, I had to have one. Not kidding here.

So, I wrote a note for hubby, who has a part-time job working near a Starbucks: “Buy me a Cake Pop.” (I had to explain what a Cake Pop was.) He would trundle off to work, toil away, and then come home to “Where’s my Cake Pop?” This was after I gave him a big hug — honest! He would look abashed and say, “Sorry, I forgot.”

This went on for about a week. Sigh.

Finally, one day he came home and again looked a bit down, only to pull out a little paper bag from his lunch tote and start smiling. Cake Pops! Yay!

Then, I made him wait two more days until I had a chance to take a lovely photo. Once I had clicked the shutter, those Cake Pops were really in danger! We gobbled them up, relishing every luscious chocolaty gooey bite. Aaahhh!

By the way, the liquid in the cup is definitely not coffee. It’s a yummy, malty Assam tea with milk and sweetener.


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