Four Samples of Japanese Teas for the Steeping Glass to Try

This tea garden near the city of Kyoto in Japan was unaffected by the recent issues associated with the severe earthquake and tsunami a few months ago. Four samples arrived recently and are so special that they deserve an equally special steeping method. After some thought, hubby and I have decided to let the steeping glass do the honors, with Little Yellow Teapot supervising.

Awhile back, the folks at the maker sent us one of their (at that time) new larger steeping glasses. It was a tricky occasion where we had to console Little Yellow Teapot and assure him that he was not being replaced. As wonderful as that steeping glass is, hubby and I are still pretty traditional around the house and prefer to steep in a teapot. The steeping glass and Little Yellow Teapot are best buddies now, even after the infamous “sneaky” incident!

The team is assembled and ready to begin the tryout of each tea. You’ll note that Little Yellow Teapot is wearing his “award sash” and has his trusty tea cozy from GinghamgrlVA standing stalwartly behind him. The lovely steeping glass looks ready, and those tea samples look totally scrumptious.

The reviews will start soon.


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