Little Yellow Teapot Plays “Angry Birds”

As soon as he heard there was a new physical version of “Angry Birds,” the popular game app, the Little Yellow Teapot started tooting at us to buy it. Sigh! Knowing that a happy teapot steeps tastier tea, we bought the game from a local store.

Hubby and I will be away for a few days, so that little teapot is planning on game nights with his buddies, Bob the White Bunny and Clive the Yellow Bunny. They had to have a practice game, as you can see here. Little Yellow Teapot is ready to launch his trusty red bird while the black bird and the yellow bird sit nearby, prepared to get those egg-stealing pigs!

If we’re lucky, that little teapot will let us play “Angry Birds®” when we get back home.

Don’t miss the articles that will be posting here in our absence (the wonders of technology).


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