A Teapot Worth Noting

For those of you who think teapots are all bone china or silver or those tiny Yixing things or even cast iron or glass, think again. A new arrival shows that teapots can be sturdy and capacious while adding a touch of charm to your tea time.

Meet “Bruno,” a sturdy Brooke pattern 6-cupper who arrived in an even sturdier cardboard box with lots of sturdy packing material around it. Seems that the folks who made it not only put quality and attention into their stonewares but also in assuring they are shipped in a way that survives the slings and arrows of harried and hurried delivery personnel.

I must confess that “Bruno” is almost too attractive to use.

This latest member of our tea steeping arsenal received a formal welcome from Little Yellow Teapot and even had a party thrown in his honor.

“Bruno” from Louisville Stoneware is greeted by Little Yellow Teapot.



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