Yummy Apple Cinnamon Scone Mix

Here we go again. The Canadians are coming…to a scone mix near you! Hubby and I received a sample of Canadian company Cobblestone Kitchens Apple Cinnamon Scone Mix. That means it’s time to get baking!

The mix is in a plastic bag in the diamond-shaped box. (The box is a little large, with the bag only filling up about half of it. Our one beef with this brand is the excess packaging: big box, small contents.) Prep for getting the mix ready for the oven is pretty simple. A bit of milk and vegetable oil added to the dry mix, stir, plop on an ungreased cookie sheet, and into the oven they go. The mix has real apple pieces, which is so nice to see. We were able to stretch out the mix to 10 scones this time, which was expected based on the weight of the dry mix (7.5 oz.). The quality of these scones more than compensates for the small quantity.

The scones came out of the oven lightly browned and crisp on the outside, fluffy on the inside. Plenty of apple bits, and the cinnamon level is just right. Hubby and I pigged out, adding a little butter and getting a wonderful taste experience. It inspired the poet in us, and we came up with the following little ditty:

When the kids and the spouse
Are out of the house
And you need a true tea time delight,
Bake a batch of scones up
And fill your teacup
With your favorite tea steeped up just right.

While apple cinnamon is a flavor combo that is very popular during Winter Holidays, you can enjoy these all year round. This flavor and the others are great to have on hand for holiday guests. Keep some of each on hand for your hungry holiday horde, or fix just one for your special intimate tea time all by yourself or with a “certain someone.”

© 2011 A.C. Cargill photos and text


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