Checking Out a Tea Vendor from China

UPDATE 16 JUNE 2012: The vendor has added photos and more info on the company and the people behind it on their About Us page. Many thanks to them for that!

Awhile ago I was pleased to receive some samples from a new tea vendor in China and meant to post a nice little introduction item here about them, but life got a bit busy. Anyway, we just had a chance to try the first sample, so I thought I’d better get busy and post my findings on the company here straight away.

According to the company web site, the company consists of “a group of tea lovers and aficionados from China, Australia, Canada and France” who live in China and travel a lot to the various tea gardens. Don’t hope for any specific names other than Angel Chen, the name used by the person who emailed me about sending some samples.

Personally, as good as a company’s teas might be, I find it hard to recommend them if you can’t know who the people are. Having found out that some samples I had received awhile back came from a company that had an agenda far different from my own and not at all in a good way, I now have a rule about not reviewing or promoting such companies. Such is the case here.

Little Yellow Teapot wants to proceed with the reviews but cautions you, dear humans, that we have no idea who the people are behind this company. You may have no problem with that and it is entirely your choice. We just want you to know up front.

© 2011 A.C. Cargill photos and text


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