A Real Find: Local Gourmet Foods Seller

The Christmas season is over, that time of year when giving and receiving fruitcakes is as natural as catching a cold or singing carols. Those fruitcakes are now eaten, or stashed away for later consumption, or have been regifted to some poor, unsuspecting giftee. Just about the time we had finished off our supply of mince pies, we discovered a place that carries fruitcakes year round. Happily, their line-up is not confined that one particular item.

Time for hubby and I to check them out. We came across their website, found an excuse to be in that neck of the woods anyway, and stopped by.

The store was larger than we had expected, with stacks of boxed chocolates, jars of homemade mustards and relishes and preserves, and lots of fruitcakes! There is also a section featuring teacups and saucers, tea-for-one sets, and some teas. Best of all is a tasting bar, with some of those relishes, etc., laid out for you to sample. Hubby and I nibbled and oohed and aahed and then went forth through the store to locate our favorite items, selecting the four shown here.

From left to right: A small fruitcake, chock full of nuts; peanuts coated with semi-dark chocolate; cranberry relish; and Stash loose leaf Irish Breakfast tea.

Some treats are just too full of delectable promise to be shut away in a cupboard and, therefore, they must be opened and enjoyed at the first opportunity. That came at breakfast the next day, where our box of Walker’s Highland Oatcakes practically jumped out of the cupboard at us for the chance to be topped by the Holiday Cranberry Relish from Southern Supreme. It was the exquisite pairing we had anticipated and was made all the more complete by a cuppa PG Tips with a little milk and sweetener.

This another one of those wonderful companies we’ve read about that started in a garage. Now they are an “internationally known mail-order gourmet food company” and ship to folks far and wide. The hostesses Vicky and Judy were wonderfully happy, working in such a place. Take a look through their site, and I would bet you’ll find something to tempt your palate!

© 2012 A.C. Cargill photos and text


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