Nothing Naïve About This Tea Vendor!

There’s nothing naïve about a tea vendor started in 2009 by a husband and wife team. There’s also nothing shy about them, judging by the “About Us” page on their website where a photo of them both is prominently displayed. A far cry from many tea vendors, big and small, who give you only vague info about themselves.

Another indicator of their naïveté-free status is that they have won awards, and not just any awards, but ones for the actual tea quality! Tea reviewers have been raving about their teas, in fact.

The company specializes in oolongs (semi-fermented) teas from Taiwan. They source teas from various tea regions, such as Mu Zha in the north and Li Shan/Da Yu Ling in the middle. Don’t know which is which? Never fear. They have a map and brief explanations of each on their site. In fact, the site has some great info about the history of tea in Taiwan and other interesting items. Plus, there are some beautiful photos (definitely not just there for “eye candy”) of Taiwanese tea gardens. They include the almost obligatory health benefit claims but have no links to scientific evidence, so it’s up to you whether you want to consider those claims or not when choosing to imbibe these teas.

One great feature on their website is the information supplied about each tea they sell. This info includes such things as mouth feel and Oxidation/fermentation level. There are also steeping instructions for serving both hot and cold (they use the same method I do for serving tea cold, that is, they steep the tea hot and then chill it thoroughly in the refrigerator).

I’m feeling quite fortunate to have the opportunity to try some of these teas, which arrived recently, but they may have to wait a bit as a big project takes center stage (more on that later). I do know that Little Yellow Teapot is all excited. They should all be quite a treat for us and, even though we don’t have a gaiwan, we will try to follow the vendor’s steeping instructions as closely as possible. We hope you’ll join us in these tea adventures.

© 2012 A.C. Cargill photos and text


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