Tea and a Book: “The Mine Fields” by Steven C. Eisner

Have you seen the cable TV series “Mad Men”? Me neither. But Steven Eisner was supposedly inspired by the series in his novel The Mine Fields. If the TV series was anything like the novel, spend your precious time on something worthwhile, like going for a walk with your sweetie.

Problem 1: The book has an extremely dis-interesting opening. It did not grab me and pull me into the story, keeping me wanting to read more. Here’s where a good editor would have helped. Seems like the publisher cut costs and either did not use an editor or used someone with little or no experience.

Problem 2: Subsequent chapters seemed out of order and not clearly written. Plus they were full of minutia that did not appear germane to the plot nor even interesting. In addition, the horrific details of the brother catching fire and failing to stop, drop, and roll (I guess that wasn’t being taught in the schools then) seemed designed merely to inspire readers to throw up. It worked.

Problem 3: It utterly failed to get me to care about the characters and their successes and failures. Plus, the general attitude toward hard work and the resulting success from it was less than positive, something I’m getting tired of hearing.

Confession time — Time is precious. I’m going to go steep a pot of tea and curl up with a good book!

Coincidentally, the movie Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter? was playing recently and was a much more entertaining view of the advertising business.

© 2012 A.C. Cargill photos and text


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