A Great Book with a Difference!

It’s tough being a writer. You get an idea. You get fired up to write about it. You follow that drive and schlog through to the end and what seems like an eternity of writing, rewriting, researching, and writing some more. Then, it’s time to find a publisher. And that’s when the brick wall hits you!

The phrase “Sorry, but your work is not in line with our goals” will start to haunt you in your nightmares. That’s if you even get a rejection letter.

Well, there is an alternative! Indie publishing!

Carrick Publishing started with Alex and Donna Carrick deciding to go the Indie route and publish their own works. I’m glad they did. Some well-written and entertaining stuff would otherwise have never made it to the public. Now, they are working to get other Indie Authors’ works out there. Their approach? A book of short works!

These will give you a taste of their writing style used in their longer works.

And it’s available on Kindle! You can get a copy for it here. Sorry, the publisher couldn’t make it available for the Nook yet due to restrictions imposed by Amazon.com.

Check it out, and don’t miss the poem by yours truly!

© 2012 A.C. Cargill photos and text


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