Some Goodies from a Local Bookstore Café

One of my fave stores is beyond a doubt Barnes & Noble. And one of the reasons is their café. Sure they serve up Starbucks coffee and that stuff called “tea” by Tazo (a company they bought awhile ago). But they also serve up some tasty foods and teas, a very reputable tea vendor. Best of all, each year during this holiday season they stock up on some wonderful tea time treats!

I stopped into the store recently to see what they had out so far. At that time, the pickings were slim but promising. After some debate on just how much my budget could afford, I bought a couple of items: Royal Wedding Tea and St. Kew Chocolate Chip & Orange Biscuits (for us Yanks, “biscuit” means “cookie”). The tea was an odd purchase for me. First, it’s a flavored tea, and I strongly prefer straight teas. Second, it’s bagged (actually, little pyramid sachets, but that’s still not as good as loose leaf in my opinion). However, the tea vendor as a sterling reputation, I can always cut open those sachets and dump the contents loose into the pot for steeping, and the dry mix had a wonderful smell — surprisingly vanilla-ish instead of floral (the can boasts that the mix contains rosebuds).

The tea tryout will be posted on Little Yellow Teapot Tea Reviews. However, we couldn’t resist trying the cookies right away and popped open the can right away. They were in a plastic tray that was in a plastic covering. We cut open that covering and were enveloped with an aroma of oranges followed by the heavenly smell of milk chocolate. Yum! Time to try them out. *munch crunch gobble gulp* Ah! Crunchy, chocolatey, and the orange flavor was just right — noticeable but not overwhelming.

I’ll pay them another visit soon to see what other goodies are out. Oh, the joys of discovery!

© 2012 A.C. Cargill photos and text


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