R.I.P. to Skipper the Pumpkin

Sometimes the best of intentions go astray. Thus it was with Skipper the Pumpkin. For the past two or three years, hubby and I have been buying a little pie pumpkin with the intention of making a pie or two from it. And so we did this year, too. But the pie never happened.

Skipper the Pumpkin in his prime.

Call us old softies, but when a pumpkin behaves with such audacity and self-assurance, it’s pretty darn hard to shove a knife in him and carve out his innards to make that pie filling. Skipper was not only such a pumpkin, but he quickly became friends with the leader of the Tea Gang — Little Yellow Teapot. They were about the same size and temperament, so this was only natural.

So we spared him and bought a pumpkin pie from the bakery instead. He was grateful and seemed quite happy. Then came the discovery.

Skipper the Pumpkin had developed fuzzy mold around the top. His rind was getting spotty, too. Yes, it looked like the end was near. We made him as comfortable as possible, but the decline was swift. Now he’s gone.

Little Yellow Teapot soldiers on with his buddy, but we can definitely tell there’s a bit of sadness in his thoughts now and then. So far, though, it doesn’t seem to have affected his steeping prowess.

© 2012 A.C. Cargill photos and text


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