A Tea Surprise in Tulsa

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We recently shared a tea surprise in Tulsa. A little shop with a rather noticeable presence on Facebook caught my eye soon after hubby and I made the move from the east coast U.S. to the more central part of the country. We had come from an area where we had access to a variety of food products from “across the pond” and various Asian countries to one where we had to search high and low and the nearest possibilities were in the oil town of Tulsa. So finding this little shop online was an irresistible allure. The problem was the distance needed to check them out, but we finally arranged it. And the trip proved worthwhile. Here are our “finds” safe back at our home:

The focus of the store’s products seems to be eastern European and Russian. But we found Duerr’s Orange Shred, McVitie’s Digestives, lemon curd, and Fanta orange soda. There were also foods from India, Sri Lanka, and other far corners (from us) of the world. But our internal tea radar zoomed in on the tea selections. There were some typical brands (PG Tips and Typhoo, among others) and some wonderful surprises. We selected a black “Russian tea” and a black Ceylon tea. While selecting these teas, we got to chatting with a woman who turned out to be from Ukraine. She was surprised at meeting someone here in the U.S. who knew something about “Russian tea,” even if only to a limited degree. Considering that tea to most Americans is Lipton, her surprise was understandable. And it was equal to our surprise and delight at discovering these teas available in the small Tulsa shop.

Another delight in the store not to miss is the meats and cheese counter. They will let you sample and then slice off the amount you want (we bought three cheeses – a smoky one from Poland, a more pungent one from Brittany, France, and a mild, creamy one from Russia) and wrap them with paper between each slice. You can also buy fresh-caught fish there. Some books, teawares, lots of international candies, and more are all crowded into this small but very lively space. Hope you can check them out soon!

© 2014 A.C. Cargill photos and text


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