Ending the Day with Keemun Black Tea

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“Mr. Dragon,” another member of the Three MuskeTEArs that we introduced recently on our sister blog Tea Stories from Little Yellow Teapot & His Tea Gang, is now on duty, steeping up a tasty tea. (That blog is now inactive and future posts will appear here instead.) Like his fellow MuskeTEAr “Plummy,” Mr. Dragon doesn’t like to be kept on the sidelines. He started nudging our unopened sample of Keemum Premium Black Tea that’s been sitting around awhile and demanding to be able to steep some up. (Little Yellow Teapot and his Tea Gang are rather…well, uh…animate…and bossy.) Knowing that it’s not good to make a dragon angry, we commenced the steeping!

Keemun Black Tea from JAS-eTea
Keemun Black Tea from JAS-eTea

Of course, we had to serve the tea in that matching tea cup. It’s insulated to help make sure the tea, not our fingers, is hot. We must say that Mr. Dragon did a great job here. We like Keemun anyway but it can be tricky to steep just right. Too strong, and that slight smokiness gets bitter. Too weak and you miss out on the lovely rich flavor that is forecast by the raisin/sage like aroma of the dry leaves. Here, Mr. Dragon got it just right with a smooth and only slightly flavor in that lovely deep ruby colored liquid. He is definitely deserving of Tea Gang membership!

A bit about Keemun: This is a black tea from Qimen county in Anhui province, China. It’s a relatively new style of tea for them to produce but has become quite popular.

Disclaimer: all items were furnished by the vendor but all opinions expressed here are totally unbiased.

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