Scones and Tea and Lots of Pumpkin Butter!

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I’m a scone fanatic. But I’m also a fairly light eater. Years ago, I discovered that it’s not quantity but quality that matters in food. (Not quite true for tea – quantity and quality matter!) So, part of the quality is a jar of pumpkin butter that we bought recently from a local store called Cook’s Companion on the one scone out of the batch that I ate. What is Autumn without something pumpkin, after all? Pretty blah! Add in some corned beef hash and a piping hot cuppa fabulous tea for a breakfast that gets the day started well. You just know things will be looking up from here. And it did, at least so far!

Scones and Tea and Lots of Pumpkin Butter!The tea is one of my blending experiments, mixing Typhoo with some English Breakfast Blend. Sort of a blend of a blend? Hee! We found that the English Breakfast Blend, one that we used to love, now comes across too strong. Either a different batch or our tastebuds have changed. I suspect it’s both. We’ve been really getting into the more subtle flavors of hand-processed teas. We still enjoy a tea like this for a morning bracer or any time we want a nice batch of scones. We smooth it with milk and liven with a bit of sweetener.

Now that I’m all fueled up, time to get back to the stuff that brings in a bit of cash to cover the bills (and buy more tea, of course). Have a great one, and thanks for reading.

© 2014 A.C. Cargill photos and text


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