Scones and Maine Blueberry Jam and Tea!

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Two scones left out of a batch called my name. They also called for some of that Maine Blueberry Jam we bought a little while ago from a local store called Cook’s Companion. The tea was ready, so what could be better than a bit of satisfying the inner scone craver? (Don’t tell hubby, though, since I think he had these in mind for his snack later on.) A tip here for enjoying scones that have sat around a bit is to warm them very slightly in the microwave. About 10-15 seconds should do it.

Scones and Maine Blueberry Jam and Tea!This tea is some of the CTC Assam we brought with us from our move from North Carolina. Sadly, we have no stores around here that carry this tea, so each cupful is precious and deserves to be enjoyed with a special treat like this. We also don’t have any clotted cream in stock. I know, really pathetic for a scone lover. But again I have to shift blame to the local stores. None carry it around here. And ordering online is not a good option as far as I’m concerned (can you say “breakage” and “spoilage”?).

Enough chattering. Time to get scarfing those scones!

© 2014 A.C. Cargill photos and text


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