A Quick Cuppa: Mixed Fruit Tea

A sparkly pear ornament (my humans used to put up a tree every year and decorate it – reminiscent of their childhoods, I guess) seemed the natural tea time decoration here for our latest quick cuppa. Another one from the samples we had received from Empire Tea Services recently as part of their holiday promotion efforts.

WiT-EMP-MixedFruit1Ingredients are listed on their store site as Ceylon tea, Orange peel, Blackcurrant, Peach and Raspberry flavors, garnished with Sunflower petals. Boy, that’s a lot of stuff. And you may have noticed that Ceylon tea (a black one in this case) tends to be the base of a lot of flavored teas out there. I steeped some up anyway since my humans were getting that crazed “gotta have a cuppa now” look in their eyes (at such times I just steep, pour, and back away until they look sorta normal again).

One thing for humans to keep in mind is that flavored teas don’t always taste the same in the liquid as they do in the dry leaf form. This one is pretty close in both – fruity with the blackcurrant dominating. Overall my humans found it pleasant for a once-in-awhile tea break.

© 2014 A.C. Cargill photos and text


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