A Mystery Is Solved

My humans are always surprising me. Yesterday, they went out saying they were just going for groceries. Yeah, okay, I bought that. I mean you humans have to eat. Even this little teapot enjoys a cookie or two now and then. But my humans were away a bit longer than usual. Hmmmm…… I hope you won’t think ill of me for being a bit suspicious, but I was.

Finally, my humans returned, and yes they brought in bags of food items needed to maintain their corporeal existence. And then they laid an item (mysteriously wrapped in red tissue paper) on the table. What could it be? From the shape I guessed it was definitely not another teapot to join the Tea Gang here. I waited patiently while they put away the Braum’s ice cream and other goodies. And then finally came the unveiling (or unwrapping in this case). What a surprise! A gorgeous wooden tray to set little teapots and cups on. My humans are so good to me (sometimes). They insisted on naming this newbie “Carrie the Tray” – sheesh! Always the punsters! TOOOT!

Our thanks to the good folks at Cook’s Companion.

"Carrie the Tray"


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