Paying Homage to the Iron Goddess with Some Anxi High-Roasted Tie Guan Yin Oolong Tea

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by Little Yellow Teapot (a tea steeping marvel and occasional contributing author to this e-zine)

Time to pay homage to that Iron Goddess otherwise known as Tie Guan and that wonderful oolong named after her: Tie Guan Yin. This Anxi High-Roasted Tie Guan Yin is the last sample from the Anxi Oolong Sampler Pack we received recently. He is ready for the challenge. His kinfolk underwent our “trial by teapot” and came through very nicely. But we saved him for last. He is high-roasted and therefore a bit special. In fact, there is a certain coffee quality to such teas, according my ‘he’ human, but without the bitterness that some coffees have. That makes this a good transitional tea for those looking to switch from coffee to tea, and it explains why high-roasted oolongs are becoming more popular among you humans. This little teapot is glad. More tea drinkers means job security for my teapot, gaiwan, and steeping cup cousins out there.


Water temp: 190°F; Infusing time: 1-2 mins.

The dry leaves had a nice nutty aroma. Now, I know some of you humans like the more floral oolongs like the Dancong ones we posted about on our old blog, and some of you like the more fruity ones, but frankly my humans are in the roasted nutty camp. The flavor has a richness to it that the others lack. And that lovely yellow liquid certainly fit that expectation. The roasty quality fades a bit after you infuse those leaves a few more times, but the richness remains, joined by a sweet finish, especially as it cools. It was so pleasing to my humans that they played me a little jig so I could scoot around the counter. *ScootTOOOT!*

Oh, and if you’re wondering what the red box is all about, it’s our “box of good fortune” and is sometimes on hand to be sure all goes well with the tea. But with yours truly on the job, it’s hardly necessary (I didn’t want to hurt his feelings, though).

Disclaimer: all items were furnished by the vendor but all opinions expressed here are totally unbiased.

© 2014 A.C. Cargill photos and text


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