Let Us Say Thanks with Tea!


It’s Thanksgiving again. Some of us have celebrated many of them. Others have only experienced a few. Regardless, making tea a part of that Thanksgiving feast is essential – at least for all you tea lovers out there.


A nice  will help you get into that holiday mood. I find the flavors perfectly balanced but enhanced even more with milk and sweetener. In fact, a cuppa keeps me from nibbling too much before the main meal is served. It can also substitute after the meal as dessert in place of those pies and cakes. One thing I’ve found also is that if you have it with some small treat (I have a rare indulgence of a crescent roll warm from the oven and spread with real butter but you could enjoy it with some apple slices or a handful of raisins.

Speaking of teas for those special holiday foods, let some wonderful Apple Flavored Black Tea serve as the perfect accompaniment. The black tea and wonderful apple flavor is a great combo that is light, refreshing, and perfect for a thankful meal time spent with relatives you may not have seen the rest of the year.

Herbals (often misnamed “herbal teas”) are another option. They are great for kids and anyone who can’t have caffeine. Many are also very useful for other effects. Chamomile is soothing for nerves jangled by the sound of football games and lots of conversation among the guests.

The amazing thing is how tea gets sidelined a lot in the U.S. when it comes to holiday beverages. Eggnog, hot spiced cider, hot cocoa, mulled wine, and even coffee seem to be what comes to people’s minds. But tea is a great possibility. With so many styles, types, and flavors to choose from, you will find something that your guests with not only like but be thankful for!

© 2014 A.C. Cargill photos and text


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