Rose Herb Green Tea Is a Puzzle

What is puzzling about the sample of Rose Herb Green Tea we received from Golden Tips Tea is why they would send it to us. The label on the package says it is from Darjeeling / Kangra area. It has a bunch of stuff added in. And the tea, if there really is any mixed in with the various other ingredients, appears to be very low quality. So why send us a sample of this stuff? With all the Darjeeling and other teas of first quality we’ve tried, for them to think we’d have anything positive to say here is not very rational to us.


The vendor’s description: “A rich and healing blend of premium indian green tea with over 25 medicinal herbs from the Himachal valley of India. The green tea base is prepared by blending leaf green teas from the Kangra Valley & Assam. The tea is then combined with ancient herbs like Rose petals, mint, holy basil (tulsi) among others in a researched ratio to make for an extremely grassy and aromatic tea cup of tea. The tea is characteristic of an earthy aroma of rose with bright liquor in the cup and a refreshing and rejuvenating aftertaste. Extremely delicious with multiple health benefits.” So, part of the puzzle is solved. It is not a Darjeeling tea, despite that name on the label.

The dry tea in the pouch was overly peppery and even made my humans sneeze a time or two and then have to rush for a facial tissue to blow their noses. Here’s a close-up:


It seemed to this little teapot that this sample was one of those teas where the leftovers were dressed up to be sold. I had Little Infuser Cup steep some up anyway. Despite the lovely color in the cup the tea was soapy, overly floral, and yes peppery. The tea flavor was totally absent. My humans sipped enough to get a feel for the flavor and then set it aside. The vendor description is so far off as to leave us thinking they put it on the wrong product on their store site.

There are 8 or 9 more samples from this company. We can only hope they are better and not so disappointing. They are not a new company and have a fairly good reputation, so we remain hopeful. TOOOOT!

Disclaimer: all items were furnished by the vendor but all opinions expressed here are totally unbiased.

© 2014 A.C. Cargill photos and text


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