Valentine Delight with “Sky Between the Branches”

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by Little Yellow Teapot (a tea steeping marvel and occasional contributing author to this e-zine)

Another teapot member of our Tea Gang here is Little Cast Iron Teapot. He’s sturdy, reliable, and easy to handle, but my humans have been going for the gaiwans and smaller members of the teapot section of the gang for steeping their green teas. However, this is a very special “tea date” tea time with him treating one of the pewter teacups that my humans’ friends sent them as a housewarming gift a year or so ago. The cup is inscribed with a very important word: “Liberty.” A liberating tea was therefore needed. “Sky Between the Branches” seemed the right choice here. On with the steeping…TOOOOT!


This is a pure tea, nothing added. Pop the top and you’ll see this tin is full to the top, not a cubic millimeter to spare! And the aroma is quite pleasant with a grassy/minty quality. The instructions on the label say to bring water to a boil and steep for 2-4 minutes. But we wanted to steep, not stew, the tea leaves, so my humans used water heated to 160°F instead. And it was good that they did – the results were superb! A light aroma and a flavor that was smooth, subtle, nice, and had a slight astringency as it cooled. Another successful “tea date” and another happy Tea Gang couple!

Disclaimer: all items were furnished by the vendor but all opinions expressed here are totally unbiased.

© 2015 A.C. Cargill photos and text


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