Choose Your Favorite Bumper Stickers for Tea Drinkers

Bumper stickers are common, so why not some designed just for us tea drinkers? Choose your favorites from the list below or send in your idea (put your choice(s) in a comment). The one with the most votes just might end up becoming a reality! No guarantees since my budget is very limited for such things.

If you’re gonna drive a car like this, you gotta have a bumper sticker to match! (See #1 on the list below.)
If you’re gonna drive a car like this, you gotta have a bumper sticker to match! (See #1 on the list below.)

Why Bumper Stickers for Tea Drinkers

One thing we’re really known for in the U.S. is speaking our minds, part of that whole Freedom of Speech thing. It can be especially useful when spreading the word to the uninitiated about that wonderful and versatile beverage: tea!

We also like to drive our cars. We drive to stores and restaurants and movie theatres and our place of work and the kids’ schools and… well, you get the idea. So, why not use those cars as an instrument of self-expression about your love for tea? Bumper stickers are the perfect solution.

The other day someone posted an image on Facebook that said “Can’t we all get Oolong?” Well, that made me laugh, so I shared it, and it made other people laugh, so they ‘liked’ it and shared it, also. It inspired me to come up with some tea-themed bumper sticker ideas. And that made me think that there are probably more great ideas out there in the ether for my mind to grab. And indeed there were! 27 so far.

The List of Bumper Sticker Ideas

During my years writing for and serving as editor of a tea vendor’s blog, I posted about 1350 articles. Phew! And these bumper sticker ideas were presented in 3 of those articles. They are on the light-hearted or downright humorous side. No heavy political or philosophical messages. There’s enough road rage out there.

1. “My Other Car Is A Teapot” — See the photo above. ’Nuff said.

2. “Fueled by Tea” — Tea calms, soothes, but also invigorates. So go for that cuppa tea in the morning instead of that java and display this bumper sticker with pride.

3. “So long for Oolong” — My version of that oolong bumper sticker I saw awhile back and that got me even thinking about this topic.

4. “Stuck in traffic? Pull over and have a cup of tea.” — What could be more practical advice than this? Otherwise you are just sitting there in your car getting more and more frustrated and honking your horn, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, especially if you have the next bumper sticker (#5) on your car.

5. “Honk If You Like Tea” — People stuck in traffic like to honk their horns. Well, this sticker will get them honking more than ever!

6. “Darjeeling, darling?” — A very romantic bumper sticker. After all, Darjeeling teas are said to be “the champagne of tea” and what is more romantic than a champagne dinner for two?

7. “Tea Blends Are More Fun” — Ah yes……blending……two things merging……uh, I mean, tea blends are known for their wonderful play of flavors that create new taste sensations.

8. “I Break For Tea” — Another giggle inducer. Can’t help it. It’s the punster in me!

9. “Tea Drinkers Keep It Loose” — Another punny bumper sticker but, as with all good puns, containing that element of truth.

10. “I’m Uppa for a Cuppa!” — Who knows, maybe someone will signal you to pull over and then hand you their travel mug full of a lovely Taiwanese Oolong or some stimulating Chun Mee.

11. “Steep It Strong!” — Let those road hogs know that you are not a wimp, either when it comes to the tea you drink or when you’re cruising down the highway!

12.  “Tea Drinkers Love Being in Hot Water” — What? You’ve never sipped your tea while soaking in a hot tub?

13. “Gaiwan My Way?” — Show your affinity for that cute little lidded steeping cup with this clever bumper sticker, and you could find yourself the lead in a caravan back to your house. Be prepared to serve up a nice pu-erh or oolong or even some green tea, all suitable for multiple steepings in that little gaiwan.

14. “I’d Rather Be Having Tea” — If you tend to live in a big urban area with lots of expressways, like Los Angeles or San Diego or even Chicago, this is the bumper sticker for you. It can tell your fellow sufferers in that traffic jam just what’s on your mind (and possibly theirs).

15. “Bagged Tea Is for Wimps” — Okay, so there are some good bagged teas out there, especially when you cut open the bags and steep the tea leaf pieces loose in the pot. Beware when displaying this bumper sticker, though, since another driver might challenge you to put your loose tea to the test vs. their bagged tea right there in the middle of the road!

16. “Two Leaves and a Buddy” — That two-leaves-and-a-bud combo is a sign of a special quality tea and is worth sharing with a buddy, on the road or at home.

17. “Tea — The Low Caffeine Choice” — Lots of folks think they have to avoid tea because of caffeine, but the amount is so low compared to coffee that it’s not really an issue. Let others around you know this good news as you go to and fro.

18. “Give Me a Tea Break!” — That’s “break” as in stop what you’re doing and have tea vs. “break” as in drop the teacup (hopefully empty and not one of your good bone china cups) on the floor. The first is good; the second is definitely not good, especially if the teacup is not empty or is a collectible.

19. “Got Tea?” — Okay, okay, a blatant rip off of the “Got milk?” campaign, but hey, the sincerest form of flattery…

20. “Proud Parent of a Tea Sommelier” — This one is for you folks with children who followed the call of the leaf and became tea professionals.

21. “Tea Is a Steep Business” — And pretty tricky to drink when you’re driving in mountainous areas with steep grades! (Hubby and I found this out first hand recently.)

22. “Leaf That Teabag Alone” — Seriously! No teabags even get near my car, let alone my teapot.

23. “Kyusu? I Hardly Know You!” — Expect to get a driver or two puckering up and blowing you a kiss as they pass you by after reading this. Don’t worry, they’re just enjoying your bumper sticker!

24. “I Mugged My Tea” — Certainly better than getting mugged BY my tea! Just a bit of tongue-in-cheek humor to give your fellow drivers a chuckle so they can stay calm while driving instead of succumbing to the urge to engage in “road rage.”

25. “Tea Party Devotee” — Pinky pointing is definitely allowed at this tea party. Just be sure that if you’re the driver, you keep your hands on the wheel instead of on the teacup. Have a designated teacup holder in the front passenger seat. Then, be sure you’re stopped at a red light before the teacup holder passenger holds up the cup for you to take a sip. Or just use a travel mug.

26. “If You Can Read This, You’re Close Enough to Pour Me a Cuppa Tea” — Bumper to bumper traffic isn’t just a saying. It’s a physical reality in larger urban areas. My visit to Chicago a few years ago assured me of this. No need to fuss and fume, though, when you can just add a positive spin to things.

27. “Go Green (Tea, That Is)” — Green tea was “it,” the main tea around about 5,000 years ago. Then oolongs and black teas came along. And more recently white teas started coming on the market and also some fairly rare yellow teas. The trend is back to green tea, which is being hyped for just about every health benefit under the sun. Might as well proclaim your green (tea) status on your bumper!

My Obligatory Nanny Caution to You

These days it seems that every product has one of those nanny cautions on it. Things like “Don’t use this hair dryer while driving your car or putting on the golf course.” So, I had to post my version here:

“Pay attention first to your driving and only read these bumper stickers when it is safe to do so, which would not include going full throttle down the highway. Wait until you’ve slowed to half throttle, and be sure to use a travel mug to avoid spilling scalding hot beverages on your lap!”

How to Tell Me Your Choice (or Choices) and a Final Word or Two

Laugh, giggle, guffaw, or chortle, then let us know which ones tickled your funny bone!

Post a comment here for the bumper sticker(s) you like best. I will post your comment and then announce which one got the most votes. When that happens will depend on how many folks bother to submit their vote.

© 2015 A.C. Cargill photos and text



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  1. Stephanie Rodgers February 25, 2015 — 7:33 am

    Americans really do enjoy speaking their minds and letting everyone know what they think. The bumper sticker ideas listed are hilarious. Thank you for adding a little humor to the day. Tea


  2. Gotta go with 9. 27 is tempting, too. But now I want to see 9 in more forms than just bumper sticker. Aprons! Mugs! The possibilities are endless.


  3. I like 4,8, and 27. I think all of them would be nice, though.


  4. 13 and 23 got audible laughs out of me. Oh I would totally have those on my car!


  5. So many to pick from! They are all SO AWESOME! If I had to decide: I really like the first two and #26. But seriously, I want a bumper stick of them all haha.


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