Tootling with Rooibos Caramel Treat

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by Little Yellow Teapot (a tea steeping marvel and occasional contributing author to this e-zine)

It’s treat time here in my little corner of the world. Your fave little teapot is exploring Rooibos Caramel Treat. This time another of those fine bone china ‘she’ cups and I have a real tea party! (Technically, Rooibos is not tea, but another plant entirely, but you know what I mean… TOOOOOT!)

Before we begin I will remind you, dear humans, that my humans do not like Rooibos. At all. Period. Okay, on with the tasting.

WiT_JAS-RooibosCrmlTrt1Unlike teas made from the Camellia sinensis species of plants, Rooibos needs a longer infusion time. The vendor recommends 4 to 7 minutes, versus 1 to 3 for green and white teas and 3 to 5 for black teas. Boiling water is also recommended. As with the previous two items in sachets, yours truly did NOT allow that thing in me. My ‘she’cup companion did the steeping honors here and presented that caramel colored liquid to my humans to try.

Let me just say that my humans did not grimace, throw up, running screaming from the room, or any other of a number of things they have been known to do after taking a sip of Rooibos. This time they actually looked (dare I say it?) pleased! Yes. Definitely. The Rooibos flavor was subdued and the caramel was easy to detect but not overwhelming. Very nice overall.

WiT_JAS-RooibosCrmlTrt2Another nice adventure for yours truly. Time for me and the Tea Gang to get our party togs on and have a wild time. Gotta wait for our humans to go to bed first. Nitey-nite…TOOOT!

Disclaimer: all items were furnished by the vendor but all opinions expressed here are totally unbiased.

© 2015 A.C. Cargill photos and text


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