Some of the Most Overused Tea Photos I’ve Seen

In an age when photos are easier to take and even easier to post online, I still see the same stock photos showing up on site after site, and social media postings far and wide. Get out the digital camera or phone and start clicking! Your store site, Pinterest page, tweets, and other posts needn’t look like everyone else’s. And don’t worry about being an expert at photo composition and lighting. We just want to see the tea…… YOUR tea!

Some Overused Tea Pix You’ll Probably Recognize

Many such photos abound, but I didn’t want to overwhelm you, so here is a select group:

  1. Can’t find the right looking women out in the tea fields? No problem. Just hire a few and get them to pose for you. These women have appeared in tea ads, on labels, and on websites. They’re everywhere!

Staged pix of women plucking tea leaves

  1. This one was a favorite of a tea vendor I used to do freelance work for. Later, an online ad firm proposed using a similar one (same woman, slightly different pose) in their ad campaign. It seems like there should be tons of tea photos from which to choose, so why she keeps popping up is a mystery. Pretty face, but not especially looking like she even drinks tea.

Happy Tea Drinker Model

  1. Iconic pictures can at first attract attention and then, as they get overused, start attracting yawns or get missed entirely. There is a saying, “Familiarity breeds contempt.” In marketing, it’s even worse. It says you are not original, that there is no special reason to buy your product over someone else’s. These two are breathtaking at first glance, but I’ve seen them so much that now when someone posts them I know right away that they haven’t see a lot of tea stuff online.


  1. Site designer wimp-out. These stock photos have appeared on a number of tea sites, creating indistinguishable user experiences. “Gee, where did you buy this great tea?” “On the site with that neat teapot photo.” “Here it is.” “Gee, that sorta looks like it, but the tea I want isn’t there.” No wonder… they ended up on the wrong tea site.

Same teapot diff pix

  1. We all like to see that new growth. But it’s better to see the actual growth than these cliché stock pix.

Overused tea plants

  1. This is the photo that inspired this article. I saw it pop up for the hundredth time and thought, “Right, that’s it… all these digital cameras and we keep seeing the same old stuff.” Yes, it’s a nice photo. But it inspires boredom and a “been there, done that” attitude in the minds of would-be followers, blog readers, and customers.


  1. Saving this for last. It was on the Wikipedia page for tea and has popped up everywhere for years. When I first started blogging about tea, I thought it was so cool. It still is, but for a tea vendor or even a blogger to use it is a bad sign. You can take your own so easily and it will show your products, which your readers and customers want to see.


Bottom Line

With such picture taking ease as close as your iPhone or digital camera, give your customers and others a thrill with original photos. We’re always eager to see them!

© 2015 A.C. Cargill photos and text


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