A Blue and White Tea Time Featuring a Black Tea

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by Little Yellow Teapot (a tea steeping marvel and occasional contributing author to this e-zine)

It’s always tea party time at our house. That’s why this little teapot had to form a Tea Gang – quite frankly, I was getting worn to a frazzle. TOOOT! But it’s even a better day when a package of teas arrives. I was scooting around the table so much with joy that my humans had to grab me at one point so I didn’t scoot off the edge. Then we settled down to a nice blue and white tea time, giving some of the blue and white pieces my humans have collected over the years a chance to be the stars. Time to steep that 2nd Flush 2015 Black tea.


We were pleased to see lots of full and almost full leaf pieces in the pouch. Far better than dust in a bag, at least for this little teapot and my humans.

The dry aroma is always a bit curious and has a slightly corn-like character, which they say occurs naturally, not as a result of how the leaves are processed or anything added to them. We infused the leaves for 4 minutes in water that had been heated to a full boil. The liquid was strong enough that we could probably have added milk, but no need. This tea is great straight, with no bitterness, and a curious blend of Darjeeling and Assam type flavor profiles. And what a lovely color in that cutie blue and white cup (we went out on a night date out after tea time was over). We are having high hopes for this garden and its ever-improving tea.

You can buy directly from them or there are a few vendors in the US that carry some.

Hope you enjoyed being part of our tea time, and hope you’ll join us here for the next one. TOOOT!

Disclaimer: all items were furnished by the vendor but all opinions expressed here are totally unbiased.

© 2015 A.C. Cargill photos and text


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