3 Ways to Drop Hints for That Tea Gift


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The countdown is on, and your friends and loved ones are trying to be all stealth with their gift shopping — as if you don’t really know what’s going on, especially since you’re going all stealth yourself trying to get them the perfect gift. While you’re all scurrying here and there, both at the malls and online, don’t forget to drop hints for that tea gift you want. Here are 3 ways to go about it:

1 Circle Items in the Catalog

Seems sort of old-school, but there are still printed catalogs around. Circle the items you want, dog-ear the pages, and be sure to leave them lying around when they will be found by the right parties, that is, those who are stealthily shopping for presents for you. The high-tech version of this is sending them Internet “bookmarks” for the tea gifts of your choice. Or shooting them pics from your cell phone to theirs.

2 Start a Conversation About the Tea Gift You Want

Assuming that the people whose gift buying decisions you are seeking to influence live in the same house, or near enough to visit, or have phone service (land line or cell or satellite or cable), you can introduce that tea gift into your conversation, such as this:

Relative: “Do you like your toast light or dark?”

You: “I think that dark toast would go best with that gongfu tea set that’s on special now at [vendor name here].”

See? Very simple.

3 Do a Pantomime of You Using That Tea Gift

Go through the motions of pouring hot water into that new Brown Betty teapot with the tea already in it and then setting the timer and then pouring out the tea when it has pretend-steeped and adding milk and sugar or lemon or honey, etc. Make some loud slurping noises (it’s okay to make sounds here, since it’s not a real pantomime) and smack your lips in satisfaction and pretend to eat a cookie to go with that pretend tea. Only a totally clueless person watching your performance would miss what you’re going on about.

Now that you have the method, get going! You don’t won’t to be disappointed when unwrapping those gifts under the tree.

© 2015 A.C. Cargill photos and text


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