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The scent of tea in the cup is one of life's joys!
The scent of tea in the cup is one of life’s joys!

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A.C. Cargill is the founder, editor, and main writer on this e-zine, which began as her blog about tea. She is a true tea lover and lives what she (and others) call the “Tea Life.” She is hoping others will join her here to share their love of and fascination with this wonderful and versatile beverage with you. But she realizes that not all of life is tea and so is expanding to include other topics of interest and welcomes contributions from other writers. Her goal here is to help promote not only tea but the people who produce it as well as other topics she and other writers would deem of interest to tea lovers everywhere. And best of all, it will be presented without the strong bias now being presented, especially when it comes to tea.

About A.C. Cargill

A.C. Cargill has been involved in writing, editing, layout, and design of publications (printed), technical documents, and marketing materials for over 33 years in both the public and private sectors as well as for non-profits.

For 5 years (Sep 2009 thru Nov 2014) A.C. wrote articles for a blog called simply “Tea Blog” that is owned by The English Tea Store. Over 1,300 articles were posted, most including her original photos. Now she is promoting tea through other venues, including this e-zine, and hopes you will continue reading and share with your friends. Thanks very much!

A.C. Cargill has a B.A. in Philosophy & English and has lived in many different parts of the U.S. as well as Europe. She is also an award-winning artist (watercolor and drawings) and a published poet and writer. All the while, she has imbibed and learned as much as she could about tea and passed along to you through her articles. She has been ably assisted in this by her dear hubby and by a certain Little Yellow Teapot and his growing gang of steepers.


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