Don’t Settle for That Template – Make Your Store Site Look Unique and Grab Their Attention!

BigCommerce is a great site for your online store. It is robust, as they say in the software business, with features that can be great for those just starting out as well as those who are growing ever bigger. Their SEO, stats, and basic templates get you going. There is, however, a drawback: amateurishness.

A number of templates are available. You can pick one that gives you the basics of what you need. But if you stop there, your store could end up looking pretty amateurish as well as a lot like your competitors. And a key to selling online is being able to stand out in the crowd. That’s where I come in.

My areas of expertise:

  • Eye-catching Design – With over 30 years experience and a lot of art training, I can make your site really catch the eye of those potential customers out there. This is partly through the intelligent use of color and partly through my skill with the camera and Photoshop.
  • User Interface (UI) Design – My background in this area means I’ll assure that your customers can navigate your site easily and also see things you want them to see (like special coupon codes) when you want them to see those things.
  • Content Writing – Much of my experience has been in Technical Writing working with Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) in a variety of fields and turning their jargon into text that could easily be understood by the layperson. So I can present your products in a clear, understandable way while making sure SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is also set up properly.
  • Technically Savvy – Having hand-coded web pages, I can work my way around the code of these templates and make changes that would cost you a bundle if you had a programmer do them.

Get your store started off right or re-align your existing online store to improve sales. Contact me now to show you how!

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